At Malmö Arena Hotel we work actively with our environmental and community responsibilities


We support the local team FC Rosengård and their projects

We have been one of FC Rosengård’s proud ”Dream Partners” for a long time. As a partner it is obviously important to feel that we share values, and this we do with FC Rosengård. Their unique involvement centres around job equality, sex equality and everyone’s equal value – whether on their home ground in Malmö or nationally in women’s football. Besides this FC Rosengård’s projects really benefit many people locally, both on and off the football field. Here are some of the projects that FC Rosengård are working with this year (in Swedish):

Boost by FC Rosengård
Yalla Trappan
Hattrick by FC Rosengård
Fotball for life


Hotel Heart

Malmö Arena Hotel has chosen to be the first hotel in Sweden to introduce Hotel Heart as a policy and guideline. We ask other hotels to follow our lead so that, together, we can show our thoughtfulness. Read and listen to the links below for more information. Together – for THOUGHTFULNESS!❤️

Hotel Heart Policy


Environmental policy

Hyllie will, as a completely new area of the city, lead the way for Malmö’s future development as a sustainable city and it is planned that, already in 2020, the area should be able to sustain itself 100% with renewable or recycled energy. The goal is to make Hyllie the most climate-smart area in the Öresund region and a global model for sustainable city development – and of course our organisation will be a part of that!

With the help of ISO14001 we will keep checks on our organisation – how effectively we work, monitoring profitability and motivation and not least how our guests and our own experiences are affected by our work.

Malmö Arena Hotel will continually reduce negative effects on the environment from all areas of the organisation and work towards preventing pollution by continually improving our processes. This means that we will follow environmental laws and other binding requirements, impose environmental requirements on our providers and undergo environmental audits.

The group’s environmental targets are seen as indicators which we should keep track of ourselves. In our daily work we will focus on the important environmental aspects within our organisation:

  • Laundry usage

  • Water usage

  • Electricity usage

Our comprehensive environmental target

In order to be able to work more obviously for a better world we have chosen to work towards 5 of the published global environmental goals as shown below:

Using these targets we will actively improve the following points:

  • Reduce the hotels negative effects caused by emissions into the air and water

  • Energy planning

  • Develop our social commitments by

    – Actively supporting and co-operating with local organisations who work for a better Malmö
    – Participating in a project run by the Swedish Gender Equality Agency via the government’s TEM Trust focussing on how we can ensure that questions of equality are included in company’s management systems.