Emporia is the region’s largest shopping centre with approximately 230 shops and is fun for all the family. The shopping centre is only 300 metres from Malmö Arena Hotel and has extended opening hours. There are all sorts of shops from large chains, such as Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Ralph Lauren, to smaller shops with individual choices. There are also high-quality secondhand shops and many excellent cafés and restaurants. In short, the perfect place if you feel like spending a rainy afternoon on shopping and fika.

Plus, there is a something unexpected that isn’t visible to people passing on the street. On the roof, there is a large park with fabulous views. The park is 27,000 m2 and is almost as big as four football pitches, which makes it one of the ten largest roof gardens in the world. Apart from being a beautiful and exciting place, the garden is home to insects and small creatures, which increase biological diversity. The green roof has many more environmental advantages; it reduces traffic noise, retains surface water and also reduces energy usage.

Opening times:


Hyllie Boulevard 19
215 32 Malmö