Welcome to the Good Life in the countryside – Söderslätt & the South coast!

In the link below you’ll find a guide that will help you to experience the most genuine and heartfelt that Söderslätt and the South Coast have to offer. Everything from charming farm shops to cosy cafés, fantastic restaurants, exciting
studios, traditional culinary crafts, varied shopping and much more. We’d love to share all the delightful and unique qualities that our region has to offer – throughout the entire year! So … do you have the urge to be inspired and to explore, or is it a rainy day? Then take a look at the guide and head out to discover and visit all the charming opportunities.

Everyone in this guide is also a member of the network Good Life in the Countryside and they work together to develop their region – all year round. What do they have in common? It can probably be described in one word, PASSION. Passion to realise their dreams, follow their hearts and to give you unique experiences which you know to be genuine. And when visiting these destinations you will notice that special, fun atmosphere… which impassioned people generate. We invite you to share their passion!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the sights purple flags.

Read more about all the sights here: www.godalivetpalandet.se