Kitchen principles

We want you to feel at home when you are with us, like a part of the family, and in this family, we love eating healthily and well. Homemade in our own particular way, quite simply. We think carefully about what should be on your menu, we don’t compromise with quality, we search out the best Scanian and Nordic ingredients, prepare everything from scratch and serve you our finest eating experience on a plate – whether it be for 2 or 200 guests in our dining room.


A living kitchen

As soon as you step into the hotel you can catch a glimpse of our chefs preparing the day’s meals. Bread is baking, fish is filleted, meat that has been simmering in the oven over night is checked up on, the preserved cucumbers and lingonberries are being prepared. Vegetables from local growers are delivered and taken care of. Soon it’ll get hectic – but everything will be ready in time.


What kind of food?

When you eat with us, we want to provide you with exciting taste experiences from the Nordic kitchen, combined with Scanian finesse and global influences. One could also say that our food reflects Cool Malmö. One part Scanian, one part Danish, one part multicultural – served in an uncomplicated and elegant fashion. Straight up, without unnecessary frills.


We will prepare really good food for you in a simple manner, which is also pleasing to the eye and which tastes exquisite. We can delight everyone because we are excellent at making vegetarian dishes too, because we work like mad to make our kitchen greener whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


For children
We also want to give youngsters a genuine food experience. Therefore, most of the items on the menu can be ordered as children’s portions. We work together with you to find what suits your child’s taste buds best. Children are welcomed warmly.



We are knowledgeable when it comes to allergies and always make a meal that is equally good for those of you who require a special diet as we do for others.


A warm welcome to the food family!