World class fika

Handmade meringues, pear macaroons with pistachio sprinkles, Key lime pie, coconut-mango pannacotta, chocolate truffle cakes, Princess torte, semlor Lenten buns, chocolate balls, hard bread and much more that is irresistibly good. Is your mouth watering? You aren’t alone. All of these delicacies could be waiting for you, when you take a break during your conference. Our pastry chef Liselott has created all of these treats and they are all baked from scratch, with ingredients of the highest quality.


Skåne-Stockholm-London-South Africa-Skåne

After having taken her pastry chef qualification in Stockholm, Liselott headed off to London and worked in hotels there for many years. She discovered that it was fun to compete within her branch and did that frequently in the biggest English tournaments within the hotel business. Two years running Liselott won gold in desserts in the British Open Hotelympia! Plus silver in the prominent team competition La Parade de Chefs, where she competed for England and Ireland.

After London, love took her to South Africa where she worked almost exclusively with wedding cakes, large cakes in several tiers. A very enjoyable and exciting experience. Now she has taken love and children under her arm and moved home to Scania again – and we are truly grateful that she did. We are also unbelievably proud that Liselott chose to become a part of our food family.


“Chocolate is my passion”

That Liselott was meant to be a pastry chef is beyond doubt. Besides always having been interested in baking, she loves to create beautiful and tasty baked goods and never tires of pushing herself and trying new things. She says herself that she is a perfectionist and is meticulous with details – and it really shows. Every item of baking on the hotel’s conference buffet is a small work of art, with heavenly aromas and flavours. They are also displayed in an inviting way. The intention is that when you see the buffet, your eyes and nose should awaken the senses in your mouth, call out to your brain and shout “give me one of those delicious things, I must have one now!”. This is precisely what Liselott aims to achieve in her work, to have us really enjoy her baking.

If Liselott were to choose a favourite area it is chocolate that is the most exciting to work with and which she is most fervent for. “You can create so many different pastries and delicious taste combinations. Chocolate is my passion” she says, with a smile on her face.

The most enjoyable thing about working at Malmö Arena Hotel?

  • No one day is like the next. Different guests and a variety of demands, set the agenda for the day.
  • I can choose which ingredients I work with and what I want to do, there is no-one here who skimps on quality.
  • To hear about the reactions of the guests, as an example someone wrote that they thought that the fika was a “World class Conference Fika”. That made me very happy and very proud and even more determined to find surprising new tastes.

How can we taste it too?
Liselott’s pastries are served when you book a conference fika buffet for your meeting. Sometimes some of her desserts are featured during special dinners and if you are celebrating your wedding with us Liselott can, of course, create the wedding cake.