Your breakfast

Many say that the most important and most luxurious part of staying in a hotel is getting up in the morning and going down to a waiting, hearty breakfast. We agree. We offer a varied breakfast buffet with everything from waffles to still warm, home-made hard bread.

What should the world’s best breakfast look like? Exactly what you would want, we think. To make it simple we have chosen the best of our local favourites. We have avoided unnecessary sugars and do not serve flavoured yoghourts, instead you can mix your own yoghourt with our home-made berry compôte and muesli. You won’t find any unnatural “diet” products on our breakfast buffet. Our breakfast is full of prime ingredients to give you a good start to your day. A tasty and healthy breakfast concept. We call it Best Breakfast; we hope you enjoy it!

Meet the Locals
At breakfast you will meet a selection of our local favourites. Locally produced, small scale, and exceptionally good. If you are wondering about anything, just ask our staff – they’re also local! The closer, the better.

Special service
If you need to get up really early our Special service will ensure that you don’t miss breakfast. Between 03:00-06.30 we can lay up a simpler Continental breakfast for you. Please note that you must book this the night before. Your breakfast is important to us.

Opening times
Monday-Friday 06.15-09.30
Sat-Sun-Weekends-Summer 06.30-10.30