Experience hotels, conferences and events with minimal environmental impact

Welcome to a sustainable destination. Malmö Arena Hotel is located in Hyllie, Malmö's most sustainable district. The goal is to make Hyllie the most climate-smart district in the Öresund region and a global role model for sustainable urban development - and of course our business is part of this! The vision for the area is for it to be supplied 100 percent with renewable or recycled energy.

Together we create a sustainable experience

We work actively with our sustainability work and together we create a sustainable experience. When you choose to visit us, you automatically make a good choice. We make it easier for you to navigate between sustainable options and understand how your choices affect the environment so that you can be part of the work for a better future.

We save on electricity for sustainable energy use

We have smart motion-controlled led lighting to use the energy where it is needed. Our premises are dark when no one is here.

We work continuously to replace all lighting to further reduce energy use.

With us, every individual is equally important and respected

With us, everyone is equally valuable and we welcome each individual with the same consideration. We work to convey our internal values to both employees and visitors. All guests should have a pleasant stay and we do not accept harassment.

As the first hotel in Sweden, we have chosen to introduce Hotellkurage as a policy and policy instrument. Now we welcome many other hotels to follow suit so that together we can show our concern.

Reduced water consumption

We constantly review both our own and the visitors' consumption. We inform visitors how they can help us reduce water consumption during their stay.

With a high number of visitors, we can make a huge difference. Together, for example, we can save 5,112,000 liters of water a year when hotel guests turn off the tap while brushing their teeth. By reducing the number of changes of towels, glasses and other items, we save thousands of liters of water every month and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We promote social responsibility for a better future

We support local association life and have a great commitment to our community. Locally, we support FC Rosengård and their projects that benefit many, both on and off the pitch. Our employees have secure employment, our operations are often a first step into working life for young people. We are an international workplace that cares for everyone, for a better future.

Enjoy homemade and locally produced food and coffee

Our food and coffee are homemade and we always choose local produce whenever possible. We match the visitors' wishes with the selection on the menus so that less food is wasted. Our menus should make it easy to choose sustainable dishes.

On Nilsson's menu, the vegetarian options are always clearly indicated.

We make it easier for our visitors to travel by public transport

Taking the train, bus or bike to your destination is more important than ever. Therefore, we make it easier for our visitors to travel by public transport to, from and during their stay with us. Hyllie has a fantastic geographical location with unique accessibility, which makes it easy to get here whether you come by train, bus or bicycle.

With 300 meters to Hyllie station, 10 minutes by train to Kastrup and bicycles to rent, you can leave the car at home with a clear conscience.

We recycle the rubbish for a more sustainable environment

When you as a visitor sort your rubbish, we take care of the rest. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable environment.

There are clear recycling signs on the premises that inform and remind about recycling. We have user-friendly bins and a careful source sorting, which we then sort into 14 different fractions.

We work actively with 5 of the UN's global environmental goals

This means reducing the negative impact on emissions to air and water, energy planning, developing our social commitment and gender equality work.

With the help of ISO14001, we have control over our operations

We measure how efficiently we work, what profitability and motivation look like and, not least, how our guests' and our own experiences are as a result of the work.

Malmö Arena Hotel must continuously reduce the negative environmental impact from all parts of the business and work to prevent pollution by constantly improving our processes. This means that we must comply with environmental legislation and other binding requirements, set environmental requirements for our suppliers and carry out environmental audits.

Our commitment



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